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    Mission Statement

    "To ensure that streets, fleet, water and sewer systems, parks and public buildings, are maintained in optimum condition by a visible and qualified team of well-trained and responsive workers, who take pride in their work, providing a safe and healthy environment for the community."

    Public Works Foreman
    Alex Chavez
    Office: (760) 356-3186

    Water/Waste Water Operations Supervisor
    Frank Cornejo

    Office: (760) 356-3186



    News Item

    News Article

    GREASE: Out of your sight, but not out of mind for the City

    When you wash any kind of grease down your drains at home, it can accumulate in the City's sewer collection system which can cause sewer lines to clog resulting in backups and overflows into homes, businesses and the street. Common sources of the problem are food scraps, cooking oil, dairy products, butter or margarine, salad dressings and meat scraps. Additionally, sewer blockages from grease in your own sewer lateral can cause sewage to overflow into your home leading to a messy and expensive clean up.

    Sewer overflows from the City's sewer mains, manholes and pump station are liable of causing environmental damage and possible expensive fines from the California State Water Quality Control Board. Excessive and costly maintenance to keep the City's water lines free of grease can result in sewer rate increases as well.

    Although you may think that you do not dispose of that much grease to the sewer, the combination of all of the homes in a neighborhood can trigger significant blockages in the City's collection system and major problems. Do your part by following these simple steps:

    • Scraping food scraps and grease from plates, pots and pans into the trash.
    • Do not put grease and scraps down the garbage disposal.
    • Pour grease into a container and dispose of it in the trash.
    If you have any questions, please contact City of Holtville City Hall at 760-356-2912.

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